Bronze Pivoting Table

This table was crafted from a multitude of materials;

The shell was made of Bronze which was patina’d by hand.  Over 300lobs of Bronze were used to complete this project.

Each surface incorporated a different finish.  The Top was Mother of Pearl and Marble which was cut into a mosaic that was inspired by the carnation flower.

The second surface was Stainless steel that was polished to a mirror finish.  On first glance it can be mistaken for just that, however the depth of the material is unparalleled.

The next Surface was Hammered Copper which was then plated with Nickel.  And Last. a Leather surface.

The Mechanism was just as beautifully crafted.  Made of a complex bearing system, which allows each surface to rotate flawlessly.

This entire piece weighed in excess of 800lbs.

Custom Sizes Available